Katie Godbout, Director of Sales & Marketing

Katie thrives on making an impact and achieving big goals. She believes that communication strategy has a major impact on business success. As a strategic communicator with a diverse background in non-profit, B2B, healthcare, and SaaS, Katie combines her expertise in strategy development, marketing and sales to spread the word about how Covisum can help advisors and institutions inform their clients of the best financial decisions.
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Covisum Honors Three with First-Annual President’s Awards

Covisum recently hosted an employee celebration event to mark the successful launch of Income InSight®. This new financial planning platform deeply integrates with multiple tools to provide a clear view of retirement for clients. At the event, Founder and President, Joe Elsasser, CFP® presented the first-annual Covisum President’s Awards.


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#NebraskaStrong: Flooding in our Headquarters State

Intense Winter Storm Leads to Devastating Floods 

For most of us at Covisum, we've never seen devastation from floods like we're seeing right now.

In my lifetime, my basement has flooded a time or two. It's probably happened to each of the Nebraska natives who work here. I've had a swampy back yard countless times. Flash flood warnings from The Weather Channel are a norm for us in the spring. But this year is different. 


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Kitces Nerd's Eye View: How To Better Attract Your Ideal Clients

In a recent guest post for Michael Kitces' blog, Nerd's Eye View, Covisum's Director of Sales and Marketing, Katie Godbout, offered an in-depth look at crafting and using a client persona to generate leads. 

Finding prospective clients can be difficult for many financial advisors. The marketing process can seem overwhelming, and unfortunately the solution is often to cast a wide net to try to attract anyone. However, when you try to market to everyone, it becomes incredibly difficult to


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The Covisum Tech Stack: Talking to Clients About the Value You Add

Here are some talking points that will help you discuss the value you can add for clients when you use the Covisum tech stack

Advisors ask us all the time, "How do I use your software to help me attract new clients?" And we've written extensively about marketing best practices. The guides, templates, and checklists we've created for you are helpful, but what do you do with all of it? How do you transition from strategy to execution? And how do you ensure that what you are communicating

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The Covisum DNA: A Look at Company Culture and Vision

Call us a SaaS company, a fintech leader or a software company, but we believe we are more than that. Recently, we sat down with Katie Godbout, our director of sales and marketing, and asked a few questions about Covisum. 

How do you say Covisum anyway?

A lot of people ask that, not surprisingly. Phonetically, it's "ko-vee-some." Lots of times, people add an extra syllable, and say something like, "ko-vee-see-um." It's not a word used in normal conversation, so I can understand why it's hard


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Will Siri Take Your Job?

Technology and the future of your practice

Technology is advancing faster than ever before. Who knew that dial-up internet would morph into voice assistants like Siri and Alexa? For financial advisors, this breakneck pace makes you wonder: is a nameless robo-advisor after my clients, or are clients just going to start asking Siri for financial advice?


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Thriving Through Changing Times

Is your business thriving? The 2018 FA Insight Study recently published by TD Ameritrade Institutional states that firms with a specific target market are achieving greater rates of growth and profitability than their peers  the median operating profit margin was 18% greater and the median annual client growth was 35% greater. Are you attracting the right prospects and enchanting them by meeting their every expectation?


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Achieving Business Goals Through Marketing

Posted on June 21, 2018

An introductory guide to marketing for financial advisors

By Katie Godbout, Director of Sales & Marketing

Creating a marketing strategy is a key component for the success of your business. In this era of constant communication and instant notification, marketing is even more important than it’s ever been before. If you think that a marketing plan is just an email newsletter or a Facebook page, get ready to change your mind. Marketing strategy and business strategy go hand-in-hand, and if


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Dream Team: Financial Advisors & CPAs

Posted on May 28, 2018

Collaboration Leads to Better Client Thinking

Financial advisors can capitalize on this era of new tax laws by forming mutually beneficial relationships with CPAs. CPAs can add value to your practice, both by providing tax advice and by referring clients who need financial plans. Tax advice that a CPA gives is different than the advice you can give for a tax-efficient retirement plan. But when paired together, this advice empowers your client to make the best financial decisions. Use our free


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4 New Features in Tax Clarity Help Advisors Make an Impact for Their Clients

Everyone in the financial services industry is talking about how the changes to the tax law will impact clients, and the most prepared advisors will be able to capitalize on this enormous opportunity.

With Tax Clarity®, you can provide tax alpha and quickly identify sub-optimal situations, showing clients how to make retirement decisions in the most tax-efficient way. 


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