Tax-Efficient Planning Can Deepen Existing Client Relationships

Business Growth: Marketing & Referrals 

Prospecting is necessary for growing your practice, but maintaining your current client base is equally important — and it actually can contribute to growth.

Showing your existing clients areas where you can add money to their retirement can deepen their trust in you, securing their commitment and even leading them to tell their friends and family about you. Tax Clarity® subscribers can attest to the power of using the topic of taxes and the software


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Hidden Value: 4 Ways Advisors Can Support Clients With Dementia

Hidden Value is a new column in ThinkAdvisor where Joe Elsasser, CFP®, answers common questions with insights advisors and their clients may not have considered. This week he offers suggestions for financial advisors who may be advising an elderly client in the early stages of dementia. Advisors can do a few things to make this difficult situation easier and add additional value to their most vulnerable clients. 


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Forbes Finance Council: Why Your Financial Advisor Should Tell You What You Need To Hear-Not What You Want

In a recent article for Forbes, Covisum President, Joe Elsasser, CFP®, highlighted the benefits of choosing a planning-oriented advisor who will encourage you to make smarter financial decisions.

Planning-oriented advisors are particularly adept at seeing the big picture. They ask their clients the tough questions to help them see the impact of every financial decision and how those decisions impact long-term financial goals.  


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These 4 tips will make planning your next seminar easy

Posted on May 30, 2018

Hosting educational seminars can be an effective way to grow your business and get you back on track to reach your 2018 goals. We want to help you grow your business. 

It’s not too late to plan an educational seminar to attract new clients. Here are the four things you should do to make your next seminar a success and put your 2018 goals back into focus.


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Join us for a live demonstration of Tax Clarity

Covisum's mission is to improve lives through better decisions. Advisors and financial institutions rely on us to help them guide their clients to make the best financial decisions. That's why we create software and reports that visually illustrate the value of a good decision. Advisors can quickly recognize and identify opportunities to save their clients from leaving significant money on the table.  

Learn more about how we can support you and your business at one of our upcoming live


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New resources added to Social Security Timing

Our team cares about your business growth goals and we've been hard at work creating content and materials to help you along the way. We wanted to let you know about some new resources we've added to Social Security Timing

Social Security Timing is the trusted resource for thousands of advisors for quick, accurate, and easy Social Security strategy identification and comparison.


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