Can I Work and Receive Social Security Benefits?

A Closer Look at the "Earnings Test"

Yes, depending on your age and your income levels. Social Security benefits may be claimed as early as 62, but if you are still working, an "Earnings Test" will apply. The retirement earnings test is applied when you file for Social Security before Full Retirement Age (FRA) and continue to work. 

The Social Security Administration will withhold one dollar for every two dollars of earned income (i.e., wages, salary, self-employment) over the first exempt amount. One dollar for every three dollars over the second exempt amount will be withheld the year you turn full retirement age. The exempt amounts change when there is an increase in the National Average Wage Index. Changes to the exempt amounts are typically announced in October. For current exempt amounts and more information, click here.

Keep in mind, not all benefits are lost. The monthly Social Security benefit will be recalculated to account for the months a benefit was withheld.