What Data is Needed to Run a Tax Clarity Report?

Forms Needed to Use Tax Clarity

At a minimum, obtain the following from your client’s tax return: 

  • Form 1040 
  • Schedule 1 (if applicable) 
  • Schedule A (if applicable) 
  • Schedule D (if applicable) 
  • Schedule SE (if applicable) 


The input fields are outlined below.  While the analysis may be run on a preliminary basis, without all the information or estimates, the output will be impacted accordingly.  


Access to all related information is recommended. Each input has help text advising the tax form and corresponding line number(s). 

Also note that if a  appears above the respective input field, additional instructions are provided.  Be sure to follow the instruction for each section and field.  

After all financial data is entered, click See Results to run an analysis. 


Below is an example of the Ordinary Income Section.