How Do the Covisum Tools Work Together?

Update Global Assumptions, See the Changes Reflected Across the Platform

Each software works as a stand-alone solution as well as adds value when combined with Income InSight. When you have a subscription to multiple tools in the Covisum stack, you can access them all in the Covisum portal. You can update global assumptions and see the changes reflected throughout the platform and compare alternate strategies. Regardless of what combination of our software you have, all of the reports will appear as one with addendums and the same styling throughout.

Income InSight is deeply integrated with Social Security Timing, Tax Clarity, and SmartRisk. When you’re logged into one Covisum tool, and have a subscription to more than one, each decision engine will be accessible via a tab in the Covisum portal.

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 1.19.07 PM

You must have a subscription to Income InSight, plus the other tool(s), in order to access multiple tools within the platform.

Here's some specifics on how Income InSight works with our suite of other tools:

  • Multi-year Tax Map reporting provides year-by-year landscape view of tax opportunities (single year printable reports with a Tax Clarity subscription)
  • Instantly calculate your client’s effective marginal tax rate (detailed controls and stand-alone report included with a Tax Clarity subscription)
  • Quick, accurate, easy Social Security strategy identification and comparison (detailed controls and stand-alone report included with a Social Security Timing subscription)
  • Social Security strategy break-even chart that allows you to see which strategy produces the best result over all life expectancy combinations (stand-alone report included with a Social Security Timing subscription)
  • Stress tests multiple scenarios including medical care events and market corrections
  • Heavy-tail investment risk models 
  • Investment diversification index graph (only with a SmartRisk subscription)
  • Portfolio comparison charts (only with a SmartRisk subscription)
  • Investment asset interaction graph (only with a SmartRisk subscription)
  • Single name concentration investment alerts (only with a SmartRisk subscription)

To add software solutions to your Covisum Stack, login and visit your account management page.