What financial information is needed to run a Tax Clarity report?

Your client's tax return should have the information you need to input into the software.

Enter the information from the client's tax return into the software. Each input has help text advising the tax form and corresponding line number(s). After all financial data is entered, click "See Results" to run an analysis. 

Tip: If a appears above the respective input field, additional instructions are provided.  Click the icon to see the instruction for each section and field.  

You may need any or all of the following information from your client's tax return:

    • Earned Income (Form 1040)
    • Taxable Interest (Form 1040)
    • Ordinary Dividends (Form 1040)
    • Taxable Refunds (Form 1040)
    • Alimony Received (Schedule 1)
    • Unemployment Compensation (Schedule 1)
    • Taxable Amount of IRA Distributions (Form 1040)
    • Taxable Amount of Pensions or Annuities (Form 1040)
      • Self-Employment Income (Schedule SE) 
      • Business Income (or loss) (Schedule C) 
      • Rental Real Estate, Royalties, Partnerships, S Corporations, Trusts, etc. (Schedule E) 
      • Farm Income (or loss) (Schedule F)  
      • Long Term Capital Gains (Schedule D)
      • Short Term Capital Gains (Schedule D)
      • Qualified Dividends (Form 1040)
      • Gross Social Security Benefits (Form 1040)
      • Tax-Free Interest (Schedule 1)
      • Self-employed SEP, SIMPLE, and qualified plans (Schedule 1)
      • IRA deduction (Schedule 1)
      • Medical and Dental Expenses (Schedule A)
      • Taxes You Paid (Schedule A)
      • State and Local Taxes (Schedule A)
      • Real Estate Taxes (Schedule A)
      • Personal Property Taxes (Schedule A)
      • Other Taxes (Schedule A)
      • Interest You Paid (Schedule A)
      • Home mortgage interest and points reported on Form 1098 (Schedule A)
      • Home mortgage interest not reported on Form 1098 (Schedule A)
      • Points not reported to you on Form 1098 (Schedule A)
      • Investment interest (Schedule A)
      • Gifts to Charity (Schedule A)
      • Gifts by cash or check (Schedule A)
      • Other than cash or check (Schedule A)
      • Carryover from prior year (Schedule A)
      • Casualty and theft Losses (Schedule A)
      • Casualty and Theft Losses (Other Personal Casualty and Theft Loss) (Schedule A)
      • Other Itemized Deductions (Schedule A)