How Do I Generate a Case in Income InSight?

How to Use Income InSight

  1. Log in to Income InSight.
  2. Click on "Add Client", select marital status, and enter the client(s) name(s).
  3. Click "Start."
  4. Enter client(s) date of birth and life expectancy, click "next."

Click here for a quick video demonstration.

Enter Account Information

  1. Add account information for Qualified and Non-Qualified Joint Accounts, click "next."
  2. Add any applicable insurance information, click "next."
  3. Add incomes or pensions, click "next."
  4. Add Social Security benefits, click "next."
  5. Add the client’s basic income needs in today's dollars. You can also add discretionary needs, such as a vacation or travel fund by clicking "Add." Click "next."
  6. Add household debt(s), click "done" or "run."

Note, a pink halo surrounding any account folder signifies additional information is needed. Incomplete information will prevent you from getting to a results screen.