How do I enter account information?

Covisum provides users with several ways to easily input their client's non-qualified, qualified, and roth accounts. Custom Portfolio's are recommended when working with SmartRisk.


  1. MorningStar ByAllAccounts Import
  2. RedTail Import
  3. CSV Import
  4. Manual Data Entry


CSV Import

  1. Fill out Accounts Template & save to desktop
  2. From the client information screen, select the people icons.  
  3. Select 'Upload Account'
  4. Upload File

Manual Data Entry

From the client information screen, select eithe

r the accounts folder or the the joint non-qualified accounts folder and click add account.  There are three ways you can add client accounts manually:


    • Custom Portfolio: Enter in the clients portfolio holdings and market value.
    • Default Portfolio: Conservative, Moderate, or Aggressive.  These portfolios are made up of a SPY/AGG mix.
    • Advisor Portfolio: Portfolio created by the advisor.

      Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 11.43.25 AM