How Does the Integration with Morningstar® ByAllAccounts® Work? 

The integration with Morningstar® ByAllAccounts® enables us to help our subscribers deliver comprehensive, accurate, and personalized retirement income plans for their clients.

Our integration with Morningstar® ByAllAccounts® brings a host of benefits to your retirement income planning process. 

Morningstar® ByAllAccounts® is an overall aggregation provider. Morningstar® ByAllAccounts® allows you to have a direct feed from most custodians to Income InSight and SmartRisk, and also offers offers client-facing account aggregation for held-away accounts.  

Comprehensive and Accurate Analysis 

Morningstar® ByAllAccounts® allows us to consolidate your client account information from various sources, such as brokerages and custodians, into your Covisum subscription. This integration helps you provide deeper insights and a more accurate representation of your client's financial situation. 

Time-Saving Automation 

When you log into Income InSight and open a client record, you will see a link icon (🔗) for controlling outside data connections, including Morningstar® ByAllAccounts®. If the link icon has a slash through it, you do not have any integration connections set up. If the link icon does not have a slash through it, you can click on it to see which integrations you have set up.

Note: When you first click on the link, it may take a few moments to load as an account is being created for you at Morningstar® ByAllAccounts®. 


Once the connection is established, you will be able to connect a client from the Schwab feed at Morningstar® ByAllAccounts® to your client in Income InSight. 

Once the client is connected, you will be able to map the client accounts in Morningstar® ByAllAccounts® to your client accounts in Income Insight.

This process will only need to be completed once. Upon subsequent logins, the accounts will automatically be updated with current data.   

Personalized Retirement Income Planning

By leveraging the enriched data from Morningstar® ByAllAccounts®, financial advisors have the ability to provide more personalized retirement income planning advice. This includes tailored recommendations based on their client's specific financial circumstances, goals, and risk tolerance. 

If you have any further questions or would like to experience the integration firsthand, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.