How Do I Run a Report in Income InSight?

Login to Income InSight. Click on "Add a client" or navigate to the client page by clicking on the "people icon." You'll see a virtual balance sheet made up of your client's (or their household's) accounts. To get started, you must enter in your client's (and their spouse's) date of birth and life expectancy. Then you can begin to enter account information.

Entering Account Information:

  1. Start with the client's "Joint Needs" folder.
  2. Add their basic income needs in today's dollars. You can add items, like vacation and travel budgets by clicking the "add" button.
  3. Click "next" to add household debts and upload supporting documents.
  4. Click "next" to add account information.
  5. Click "next" to add insurance information and upload supporting documents.
  6. Click "next" to add incomes or pensions and upload supporting documents.
  7. Click "next" to add benefits and upload supporting documents.
  8. Click "done" or "run"

Entering Risk Information:

  1. Navigate to the client management page by clicking on the "people" icon.
  2. Click on the client's "Risk Questionnaire" folder.
  3. Enter or confirm the client's approximate portfolio value.
  4. With your client's input, set their quarterly and yearly risk tolerance.