How do I get started with Income InSight?

Income InSight Quick Start


Check out this Video

Check out this video


Hi, my name is Cameron from Covisum and today we will be going over how to quickly get started within Income InSight.

  1. Log into software and select Add Client.
  2. Enter client information manually OR import client through RedTail. Select Start to continue.
  3. Enter in the client(s) DOB and Life Expectancy. Select Done to continue.
  4. Enter in all client financial information within the folders on the next page. A red halo around a folder represents there is incomplete information within there and you will need to go and complete it.
  5. Once all information has been entered, select the Income InSight logo in the top right-hand corner.
  6. You will now see a financial analysis of your client’s accounts and income. The graphs you will see are Account Balances, Income by Source, and Income by Result (Rate on Next Dollar Tax Map only included with Tax Clarity subscription).
  7. You will see Stress Tests at the top. These are various scenarios that could happen during retirement and affect the flow of income. Clicking through these stress tests can determine if the client’s finances could last throughout. Tests include a Down Market, Client dies early, and Client needs Long Term Care. The green represents their money will last them through a scenario and red means it will not last.
  8. You can create a plan in the event that a stress test is showing that the client’s income will not last them for long enough. Clicking on the Plan tab on the right-hand side will bring up 10 different options to make changes to the base case. This is what will be used to ensure that all stress test scenarios are green and the client will be able to last through the given event.
  9. If there are any questions or issues, contact our support team at 877-844-7213.