How do I get started with SmartRisk?

SmartRisk Quick Start

Check out this Video

Check out this video



Hi, my name is Cameron from Covisum and today we will be going over how to quickly get started within SmartRisk.

  1. Log into software and select Add Client.
  2. Enter client information manually OR import client through RedTail. Select Start to continue.
  3. Enter in the client(s) DOB and Life Expectancy. Select Done to continue.
  4. Enter in all client financial information within the folders on the next page. A red halo around a folder represents there is incomplete information within there and you will need to go and complete it.
  5. Once all information has been entered, select the SmartRisk logo in the top right-hand corner.
  6. You will now see a risk analysis of your client’s account. The graphs you will see are a portfolio risk model, drawdown analysis, asset interaction, and notifications about the account. Clicking on Compare Portfolios at the top right will give you the option to reallocate accounts and compare the risks between the two. The Accounts tab on the left-hand side allows you to switch between household and other accounts.
  7. If there are any questions or issues, contact our support team at 877-844-7213.