Why does a partial percentage appear on the Tax Clarity Map?

Tax Clarity software calculates percentages to the fourth decimal. As such, .1565 will be presented as 15.65%. In similar terms, a figure of .1600 will be presented as 16%. Please note that does not imply that the percentage has not been calculated in the same fashion. 

The relative frequency of a more "descriptive" percentage such as 24.65% appearing early in the tax map is due in part to the more inclusive (read: specific) tax brackets and their respective weightings given income level inputs.  In addition, the potential of an infinite decimal (2/3 = .66666...) occurring is higher at low levels without rounded tax intervals ($37,475 vs. $40,000) in place.  As the tax map moves to the right, a smoothing, of sorts, occurs simply due to the larger numbers and intervals in place. 

The key remains that Tax Clarity is not an exact measurement, nor is it tax advice. It  is guidance toward actionable insights. Please feel free to call our dedicated Support Team at 877.844.7213 for assistance.