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Managing Taxes in Retirement Using the Effective Marginal Tax Rate

Join Joe Elsasser, CFP®, and Wade Pfau, PhD, in discussing their recent article on Covisum's Effective Marginal Tax Rate (EMR) method for determining tax-efficient withdrawal sequences. They'll connect the account strategy concepts from the article with practical implementation considerations, including annuities, with concepts from the Retirement Income Style Awareness process. In this webinar, you'll learn: 

  • Why focusing on tax brackets creates the wrong target for Roth conversions 
  • How to use an EMR method to identify desirable and undesirable Roth conversions 
  • How to determine which accounts to spend from at various points in retirement 
  • How these considerations can add hundreds of thousands of dollars of value for clients 

For advisors who use annuities in their practices, starting with an EMR methodology to set withdrawal targets and using the RISA to identify client preferences and select appropriate products can help you deliver plans that deliver value in efficiency and peace of mind!


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