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Advisor Webinar Series:

Retirement Delivered

Presented by Joe Elsasser, CFP®, President, and Founder of Covisum, this series is scheduled monthly through September. The series aims to highlight the framework used by top advisors to grow their practices by delivering dramatic value to their clients.



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Upcoming Webinar Information

May 9th at 11 AM Central - Tax in Retirement, the foundation for account strategy.

Details coming soon.

Future webinars include:

June – Practical implementation of Covisum’s EMR Method for tax-efficient retirement income
July – Understanding Client risk preferences for retirement income and investments
August – Product selection in a tax-efficient, preference matched retirement income plan
September – Marketing the process
October – Conference in Omaha, Nebraska. October 16th-18th. Details to come!

Although the sessions will be recorded, there will not be a replay. Recorded versions will be solely available to Covisum software subscribers. Ultimately, this content will form the foundation of the training program for advisors who implement the full suite of Covisum products to run their retirement income practices.
The live series is your one opportunity to get the training for no cost and no obligation to subscribe to the software.



Past Webinars

The kickoff session, which unveiled the High Value Practice alongside the 3 Steps to a Tax-Efficient Retirement, took place on March 14th. The first in the series focused on:

  • How to tie Social Security planning, tax-efficient retirement withdrawals and risk management into a cohesive picture that answers the big questions that deliver a confident transition into retirement. You'll leave with a framework that can be easily explained to clients, and implemented with a variety of different software tools (though we humbly believe ours is the most efficient!)
  • Why this process has been central to the achievement of 3 consecutive years of NPS scores over 80 (compared to an industry average of 40) and annual client referral rates above 10%.
  • How the next 6 sessions that dive deeper into individual components of the process can have a dramatic impact on your practice in 2024.

This recording is available to anyone, regardless if you have a subscription with Covisum. 



The second webinar focused on Social Security for a Tax-Efficient Retirement and took place on April 11th. For years we’ve heard that a much larger portion of retirees should delay benefits than actually do. There are a host of reasons to delay, including quirks in benefit formulas related to spousal and widow benefits, the longevity protected nature of Social Security and the tax treatment of benefits. This session positions Social Security planning as the first step of the 3 Steps to a Tax-Efficient Retirement. By watching, you'll learn:

  • Why Social Security is the foundation for a retirement income plan
  • How to discuss Social Security with clients as a starting point for an overall plan
  • How to address potential Social Security benefit cuts
  • Why Social Security’s tax treatment creates unique planning opportunities

Webinars 2-7 will be recorded and are only available to Covisum software subscribers. Session 2 is available now! Simply use your Covisum software login details to unlock on-demand access to the webinar recordings at your convenience. Not a subscriber? Take a 10-day free trial.