Join us at the Retirement Delivered Advisor Conference on Oct 17-18 in Omaha, Nebraska, to network and grow with leaders in Tax-Efficient Retirement Income Planning.  If your practice is focused on Retirement Income, this is the one conference you won't want to miss!  Early-bird registration is only $795, and ends on June 15th.  Regular attendee pricing is $1,200.  Click here to reserve your spot!    

Featured Speaker:  Wade Pfau, PhD, CFA, RICP®


Dr. Wade Pfau has provided academic insights to some of the most practical challenges in the retirement income space. As the single most referenced retirement researcher according to SSRN, its difficult to find an area in our space that he hasn’t had a hand in influencing. From safe withdrawal rates, to methods for creating retirement income based on preference, to tax efficient harvesting patterns, his insights permeate much of the retirement income landscape today. Wade will headline the event with a presentation you won’t want to miss.


Featured Speaker:  Dana Anspach, CFP®, RMA®


Dana Anspach has grown her RIA firm, Sensible Money, organically by more than 10x over the last decade with Social Security and Tax Planning as central components of her holistic, planning oriented approach. Dana will present on her journey from a state registered investment advisor to a national firm with an active waitlist for clients. Her business represents a practical path of methodically building processes to consistently serve retirement income clients better. She’ll share insights on process, marketing, and even the mindset that continues to build incredible success for her clients and her firm. 



Tax-Efficient Retirement Income

According to recent research by Herbers and Associates, the two most highly sought services from advisors by consumers with at least $250k to invest are retirement planning and tax planning, but you already know that.  You're already delivering at least part of the value proposition that has catapulted firms offering these services into some of the fastest growing firms in the country.  The Retirement Delivered Conference is intentionally designed to combine the best of the "why," the "what," and the "how" into a single event, featuring speakers who have done the research and the practical work of implementing these processes into their practices. 

Effective Advisor Process

In order to predictably and repeatedly deliver client value, advisors need to systematize processes.  You'll hear from other advisors who have systematized various parts of the retirement income delivery process, from client intake, to meeting steps, to servicing.  These advisors use Covisum tools for various parts of the process.  You'll learn the daily steps they take to create a value delivery system for their retirement income clients.   


Effective process forms the foundation for great marketing.  When you are different and better than your competitors, you can cut through the clutter in a way that others can't.  We'll be hosting an advisor panel on marketing, with a specific focus on advisors who are growing quickly with retirement income messaging in a variety of channels, from social media, to seminars, to book marketing and PR.  

Unveiling the Latest Innovations in Covisum Software

To cap off the conference, you will get an exclusive look at the new features and enhancements in Covisum software that can streamline your workflow, enhance your ability to deliver comprehensive retirement income planning, and cut through the marketing clutter.  

Early-bird pricing available now through June 15th!

We hope you are able to join us in Omaha Oct 17-18. Investing your time at this conference will be invaluable in helping you reach your goals while delivering exceptional retirement income experiences to your clients.