Social Security 'break-even' calculations can be misleading

According to CNBC, one key calculation to keep in mind, when deciding when to claim Social Security benefits, is the "breakeven point," or the point at which the amount you receive if you claim later equals the amount you would have received if you had started early. However, a few blind spots can create misleading results and lead you astray.


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Thriving through changing times

By Katie Godbout, Director of Sales and Marketing

Is your business thriving? The 2018 FA Insight Study recently published by TD Ameritrade Institutional states that firms with a specific target market are achieving greater rates of growth and profitability than their peers  the median operating profit margin was 18% greater and the median annual client growth was 35% greater. Are you attracting the right prospects and enchanting them by meeting their every expectation?


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The Tailored Fit: Q&A

We sat down with Covisum President Joe Elsasser, CFP®, the author of, “The Tailored Fit: How Advisors Can Use Technology to Mass-Customize Financial Planning,” to ask a few questions about his newly released white paper.


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The shift away from open architecture in fintech

Posted on July 23, 2018

In his recent white paper, “The Tailored Fit: How Advisors Can Use Technology to Mass-Customize Financial Planning,” Covisum President, Joe Elsasser CFP®, examines the shift from open architecture to full integration.


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New white paper examines how advisors can use technology to mass-customize financial planning

Posted on July 10, 2018

Covisum’s new white paper, “The Tailored Fit: How Advisors can use Technology to Mass-Customize Financial Planning,” takes a closer look at how new technological tools will change the current landscape for financial advisors.


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ThinkAdvisor: Covisum's Advisor and Quant discuss the 4% rule

Posted on July 05, 2018

In an ongoing series exclusive to ThinkAdvisor, Joe Elsasser, CFP® and Ron Piccinini, PhD provide readers with two distinct perspectives on the same topic. This week, we asked Joe and Ron to discuss, the 4% rule


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CNBC highlights Social Security calculator options

Posted on June 28, 2018

A recent article from CNBC offered an analysis of a handful of Social Security calculators currently available to assist advisors and consumers with the best claiming strategy. The details surrounding Social Security benefits are extensive, and calculators help streamline the process. 


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Build your credibility with the power of earned media

Posted on June 27, 2018

By Kristi Piehl, Founder & CEO of Media Minefield

People trust their local news outlets and the journalists who run them. In this era of skepticism and ‘fake news,’ surveys show local news beats out national news when it comes to trust.That trustworthiness and credibility transfers to the experts interviewed on the local news. You can harness this power, build your brand and increase your exposure through earned media interviews. Let’s start by answering some of the top questions about earned


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A closer look at the new Tax Clarity updates: dependent tax credit

Posted on June 26, 2018

At the beginning of April, Covisum rolled out four new features to the Tax Clarity® software. The new dependent tax credit feature allows advisors to demonstrate the impact of the revised dependent tax credit, including for dependents over the age of 16


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Forbes Finance Council: the truth about portfolio risk exposure

Posted on June 22, 2018

In a recent article for Forbes, Covisum President, Joe Elsasser, CFP®, addressed common misconceptions surrounding financial risk and the dangers of relying on an outdated financial risk model. 


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