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    Financial Advisors: Have You Created a Customer Persona for Your Clients?

    Successful Financial Firms Focus on the Customer  Whether your financial advisory firm handles a wide range of clients or specializes in a particular kind of investor, your success as an advisor is determined by how well you know your clients. Every client’s needs and financial goals are different, but many of these clients face similar pressures and challenges when it comes to financial planning. As your firm works to attract new investors and retain your current clients, it’s often helpful to understand their advising needs by using a financial advisor customer persona.

    Joe Elsasser

    FinPlan Friday: Running Stress Tests and Crafting Contingency Plans

    Helping Clients Prepare for the Unexpected Life doesn't go as planned, and that's especially true for those in their later years. However, advisors can help clients navigate unpredictability in retirement by incorporating stress tests and contingency plans into their retirement strategies. Preparing for potential obstacles can put clients at ease and help them feel more confident and ready for the uncertain road ahead. Learn more about running stress tests and crafting contingency plans in this month's FinPlan Friday conversation with Joe.


    Medicare Can Have a Big Effect on Retirees’ Budgets

    This year I retired from financial planning after 30 years. These days I’m kicking back a little, but for the last six years, I’ve been working with Medicare recipients (and their powers of attorney) to assist them with getting the right plan. Not only can it be confusing to a client, but even seasoned Medicare experts can sometimes get confused.


    What’s New? Covisum Quarterly Roundup

    The first quarter of 2021 has been a busy one here at Covisum, and we have some exciting updates to share...

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