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    FinPlan Fridays

    Return Assumptions in Retirement Income Planning Software

    Lately, there have been a lot of conversations surrounding the current market state, and many retirees are worried about their investments. One of the most challenging aspects of financial planning is setting reasonable performance expectations. Of course, no one can predict the future, but the right financial planning software can help you make wise investment decisions based on available factors.

    Income InSight

    The Next Big Thing in RIA Software: Income InSight

    Many advisors have a variety of financial planning software solutions to help them meet their clients' needs. There is software to help you create and organize your client database, manage portfolios, optimize Social Security benefits, market your practice, and more. But relying on several different tech tools can cause some headaches. They may claim to integrate, but how well do they? It's not enough to share data. The software also needs to share assumptions, or outputs will be hard to reconcile and, at worst, contradictory. Financial planning software should seamlessly integrate so that you can move from one tool to the next. Enter Income InSight®.


    Product Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

    When it comes to helping your clients optimize their retirement income planning strategies, sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. With dozens of different variables, updates to tax rules and Social Security benefits, and life’s surprises, the decisions you help your clients make are more valuable than ever.


    Attract More Financial Advisor Leads in 2023

    Lead Gen Best Practices for Advisors Now is the time to start crafting a marketing strategy for the year ahead. Lead generation should be one of the most critical aspects of your 2023 marketing strategy. Your prospective clients are using online research to influence their decisions, including picking who they trust to help them with their finances. So, it would help if you had an online presence that builds trust with your prospects. Your online presence needs to showcase the value you can provide. You have an opportunity to show your prospects what they are looking for online.

    Roth conversions

    Better Roth Conversions with Income InSight®

    By now, financial advisors are keen on the idea that Roth conversions can be a very good thing for their clients and their financial planning practice. Why?


    Roth Conversions Without Non-qualified Money to Pay the Taxes

    Roth conversions are a great way to ensure clients aren't hit with a hefty tax bill in retirement; however, sometimes, clients don't have any non-qualified or non-IRA money to pay the immediate taxes on the conversion. So, are Roth conversions still a smart tax strategy for those situations? Absolutely!

    lead generation

    Financial Advisor Lead Generation Tips You’ll Want to Try Right Now

    Historically, financial advisors have relied on word of mouth and cold-calling to generate new leads and grow their business, but consumer preferences have changed. Today’s consumers generally don’t respond well—if at all—to cold calls, and online business reviews have become the new word of mouth.

    FinPlan Fridays

    How Looming Tax Changes Should Influence Your Retirement Tax Planning

    In the absence of Congressional action, multiple provisions of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) will expire at the end of 2025, and tax rules will revert to what they were before the legislation. The TCJA reduced specific tax brackets and increased the standard deduction. Certain charitable gift deductions moved from 50% to 60%. Additionally, the personal exemption phase-out and the limitation on itemized deductions for some filers were eliminated. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act simplified many aspects of tax planning and created opportunities. As a result, some tax techniques are more effective now than in the past.

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