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Build a Roadmap for Retirement

Income InSight was built specifically for planners serving mass-affluent and affluent clients in retirement and retirement transition. This financial planning platform has the elements advisors need to create a comprehensive retirement strategy: tax, income need, and Social Security. Clearly show your clients the value you add.

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Income InSight Key Features

Marketing Materials
Access to professionally created marketing materials: strategy, emails, videos, presentation deck with script, and graphics
Roth Con Strategies Icon
Roth Conversion Strategies
Generate specific strategies, with suggested dollar amounts, for completing Roth conversions.
Stress Tests Icon
Stress Tests
Test your client’s retirement strategy against a down market, an early death, cuts to Social Security benefits, inflation or a long-term care need.
SidebySide Icon
Side-by-Side Comparison
Demonstrate the differences between two different retirement strategies.
Cash Flow Analysis Icon
Cash Flow Analysis
Drill down into the details and look at annual cash flows.
Incorporate Insurance products Icon
Incorporate Insurance Products
Show clients the impact of adding SPIAs, deferred annuities, or various insurance products.
Multi-year Tax Map Icon
Multi-Year Tax Map
Determine which account to draw from, and when, and find key opportunities for converting to a Roth.
Access to Support
Access to Expert Support & Customer Success
Unlimited free access to live support who can help you make the most of your subscription.
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Printable PDF Report
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Deep Integration with Covisum's Suite of Retirement Income Planning Solutions

Watch a Demonstration 

Income InSight quickly and easily shows the impact of different decisions within a client's financial plan. Answer your client’s most important questions and then draw them into a broader retirement income planning process.

Pricing FAQs

Can I take a trial of Income InSight? 

Do you have a demo video of Income InSight? 

Yes, we do. Learn how to use Income InSight in your financial planning practice by watching this recorded demonstration.

Can someone demonstrate Income InSight for me? 

A member of our customer success team would be happy to demo Income InSight for you. Choose the time and date that works best for you. Click here to schedule a live demo. 

Can I subscribe monthly or annually? 

Choose the subscription that's right for you at $119.99/per month or $1,400/per year.

Can more than one advisor use one subscription to Income InSight? 

Your Income InSight subscription is intended for the sole use of one user, as outlined in our End User License Agreement (EULA). If you plan on utilizing our tools for multiple users you will want to have an enterprise-level EULA with us.

Is there an enterprise version of Income InSight? 

Yes. Covisum powers some of the largest financial institutions in the United States. Contact sales for more information about our enterprise solutions.

Can I see your data security statement? 

Our data security statement is designed to answer the most common questions Covisum is asked in a vendor due diligence review and to provide supporting documentation for your file. Click here to access our data security statement.

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Income Insight FAQs

How can I diversify my business offerings by offering comprehensive retirement income planning for my clients?  

Comprehensive retirement income planning focuses on meeting clients’ lifestyle standards and priorities during retirement. This helps determine what current and future investments, contributions, and financial goals should be. If your practice has primarily consisted of selling insurance or managing investments, suggesting optimizations for Social Security benefits could be a logical next step. 

How can my client avoid paying taxes on a Roth Conversion? 

When it comes to IRA deductibility, there are many tax traps and opportunities. A comprehensive Tax Map can identify these and help you build a strategy around them.

What is a retirement income strategy? 

A retirement income strategy focuses on optimizing Social Security benefits, looking for tax opportunities and hurdles, analyzing portfolio risk, and managing income harvesting patterns in a way that limits taxes and helps clients reach their income goals.

How do I know when to help my client take Medicare? 

Your client can enroll in a Medicare supplement plan from the age of 64 and 6 months. At 64 and 9 months, clients can sign up for Original Medicare. Additionally, if your client waits too long to sign up for a Medicare plan, they may incur penalties. 


How do I know when to help my client claim Social Security? 

Your client can begin receiving Social Security at the age of 62, but at a reduced rate. Full retirement age depends on the year of birth, but is between 65-67. Every year claiming is delayed up to age 70, your clients receive a delayed claim credit. Each client’s situation is unique, so working together to determine goals will help to determine the best strategy for your client to take. 

When should my client do a Roth conversion? 

A Roth conversion could be beneficial if your clients are in a higher tax bracket during retirement or their recent earnings have been reduced or irregular.

What is a realistic retirement income for my clients?  

Your clients' retirement incomes typically equal around 80% of their pre-retirement annual incomes. Medicare premiums will be adjusted based on annual incomes as individuals or married couples.

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