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Getting clients to understand all of the complexities of retirement income planning is hard. We make it easier with this consumer-facing guide.

You can help clients and prospects understand important retirement income planning basics with this comprehensive guide. Fill out the form below for a consumer-facing guide to help you move clients and prospects to action. This free download covers key milestones with timelines explaining:

  • When should clients retire?
  • When should clients start receiving Social Security benefits?
  • When should clients sign up for Medicare?
  • When should clients purchase long-term care insurance?

Psst. This is the perfect piece to print out for your waiting room. Ready to start helping clients prepare for a better retirement?

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"The details the Covisum tools provide give our clients – and me – peace of mind. We are able to give our clients the clearest picture possible about what lies ahead in their financial future."

"Covisum’s trilogy of tools (SmartRisk™, Tax Clarity® and Social Security Timing®) have helped my firm with what can sometimes seem like a daunting task: providing a clear financial picture to clients and what various decisions mean to their investment portfolio, tax situation, and overall retirement income projections. Simply put, these tools are important conversation starters that can support the dialog every advisor should be having with their clients."