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Being a financial advisor is hard. Our marketing resources help you attract new clients. Our software helps you optimize your clients’ retirement strategies and communicate the value of your advice. And our expert customer experience team supports you along the way, helping you continuously show your value to clients and grow.

With very few inputs, I receive usable information for my client.

James CFP

Unique software. Great support.

Humphrey Financial Advisor

Simple program, easy to use and explain

Michael CFP

Helps me present a transparent plan to clients

Gilberto Financial Planner

There are two concerns for retirees: TAXES and SS. Your software helps me with those two concerns.

Robert CLU, CFP, ChFC

Your information is to the point and easy to follow. 

Phillip Financial Advisor


Tax Clarity allows you to quickly identify sub-optimal tax situations and show clients how to make retirement decisions in the most tax-efficient way.

The tax clarity software helps me determine my client's effective tax rate. Both the overall rate and the marginal rate. The marginal rate is useful as you help clients convert traditional IRAs into Roth IRAs. Without a tool like tax clarity you would be fumbling around in the dark. Client's CPAs are surprised that the financial advisor is accurately assisting the client understand their taxes.

Jack B CEO
This product has been extremely helpful for tax planning with our prospective and existing clients. We also use it during tax planning events as a tool to show prospective clients how we can assist them. Its easy to use and implement! Highly recommend!

Hannah M Marketing Operations Director

My favorite feature is the visual map of the marginal/effective tax rates. After entering my client's data, I'm able to see how close we are to the next bracket. This allows me to make assumptions about possible tax loss harvesting, tax gain harvesting, ROTH conversion, strategic IRA withdrawals, etc.

Adam S Small Business Owner

I use tax clarity every day, multiple times per day when I meet with clients. it helps so much for providing advice and allowing me to look as professional as I possibly can.

Adam T Small Business Owner
social security timing


Social Security Timing helps optimize your clients' Social Security claiming strategy. See the exact year and month the client should claim, and see the month, year, and the amount that the client will receive when they pass the earnings test. Increase their retirement value by up to $100,000.

The product is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS 100% accurate. Even when you think the software "goofed", their customer service team can provide fast and reliable answers that fully explain why the questioned output is correct. They understand ALL the pertinent rules and apply them correctly.

Patrick N Senior Wealth Manager

The software has been very user friendly, it has features I haven't even begun to explore, but it does the most important thing for me which is help create and navigate my clients through all the SS timing alternatives. But more important than the software is the support not only how to use the software but to answer SS questions. I often tell me clients "that because of the complexity of Social Security you may stump me but I can and will get the answers" my first call is then to SS timing and their staff is always courteous and always know their stuff.

Steven W Founder

It's both flexible and versatile. I have not only used it to enlighten countless clients, but it also guided my wife and me in our decision on how and when to time our SS filings in order to maximize our combined lifetime benefits.

Harry K Independent Advisor

It's very easy. Shows all of the data and shows it in a way that the clients can understand. 

Nate L Chief Operating Officer


SmartRisk can help you move prospects to the planning process and motivate clients to make portfolio changes. Retain clients during a down market and help prevent clients from making costly investment mistakes.

I think this tool is great for client awareness. I use this on all my appointments and it has helped me win business because I am able to show different stress tests for different portfolios and walk my clients through their current strategy and what I am proposing. Clients want to understand what may happen is market changes occur with their current strategy and this tool helps them do that.
Andrew E Financial Advisor

Overall, my experience has been positive because it helps me show how I can benefit my clients by comparing the portfolios we offer compared to where they are at now. It engages my clients, and helps them understand the potential risks involved with their portfolios. It also explains diversification.

Linda C Advisor

The ease of use is great, basically ask the client two questions. It is easy to calculate in the program. The report is clean and clear, visually appealing for client presentations. Another thing that I really like/appreciate is the customer service is outstanding. Early on I had a few challenges with the program, called in and the helpful service was fantastic!

Wendell B Small-Business Owner

I like the ability to customize the portfolio to my clients individual account. To be able to show them the actual investments that they are currently in with the amount of Risk associated with their specific portfolio is a great tool.

Andrew E