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Clients are Often Blind to Market Risk

SmartRisk can help you move prospects to the planning process and motivate clients to make portfolio changes. Retain clients during a down market and help prevent clients from making costly investment mistakes. Showcase and market your expertise.

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Clients are often blind to market risk and typically don’t have accurate downside expectations – either too conservative or too reckless, leading to suboptimal investment allocations. With SmartRisk, advisors can analyze portfolio risk and easily communicate with clients to help them avoid costly mistakes.

Pricing FAQs

Can I take a trial of SmartRisk? 

Do you have a demo video of SmartRisk? 

Yes, we do. Learn how to use SmartRisk in your financial planning practice by watching this recorded demonstration. 

Can someone demonstrate SmartRisk for me? 

A member of our customer success team would be happy to demo SmartRisk for you. Choose the time and date that works best for you. Click here to schedule a live demo. 

Can I subscribe monthly or annually? 

Choose the subscription that's right for you at $49.99/per month or $599/per year.

Can more than one advisor use one subscription to SmartRisk? 

Your SmartRisk subscription is intended for the sole use of one user, as outlined in our End User License Agreement (EULA). If you plan on utilizing our tools for multiple users you will want to have an enterprise-level EULA with us.

Is there an enterprise version of SmartRisk? 

Yes. Covisum powers some of the largest financial institutions in the United States. Contact sales for more information about our enterprise solutions.

Can I see your data security statement? 

Our data security statement is designed to answer the most common questions Covisum is asked in a vendor due diligence review and to provide supporting documentation for your file. Click here to access our data security statement.

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SmartRisk FAQs

How is downside risk measured? 

SmartRisk uses a 99.5% expected tail loss (ETL) in a proprietary heavy-tail model. It generally takes the average of the worst 0.5% returns in the portfolio. These capture a broader spectrum of extreme market events more often than traditional models would, allowing advisors to manage risk and set expectations for clients to make rational decisions. 

How do you mitigate downside risk? 

Downside risk can be mitigated by focusing on assets that are impacted less by market fluctuations. These equities will show lower volatility and won’t be influenced as much as other equities.

What is portfolio risk and return? 

Portfolio risk and return refers to assets within your investment portfolio that don’t meet certain financial goals. This can take place for many reasons, including systematic risk factors such as economic growth or decline, interest rates, tax laws, and more.

How do I calculate an expected return in SmartRisk? 

SmartRisk utilizes an analytic model based on historic pricing. It does not provide predictive modeling or "expected return" modeling. Pricing information is updated after the close of the market each day. Returns will be calculated based on current information such as dividend yields and daily price changes. Potential capital gains or losses on stocks, bonds, and mutual funds cannot be predicted, thus an "expected return" can only be based on historic data and market expectations.

How can SmartRisk help my practice? 

Every investment comes with inherent risk, and financial advisors need to be able to gauge investment risks in different economic scenarios. SmartRisk can help you move prospects to the planning process and motivate clients to make portfolio changes, keeping ahead of potentially costly investment mistakes.  Income Insight tests retirement strategies to make sure they hold up even in the event of a down market, early death, or unexpected health issue. 

Why is it important to have a risk discussion with a client, when building a holistic retirement income plan?  

Market stress should be the focus of any discussion about risk. Demonstrating the impact of market volatility with stress tests or a heavy-tailed model can prevent clients from making poor financial decisions out of fear. If they know how bad it could get, and have a strategy they feel confident in, they are less likely to make rash decisions.

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