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    How to Develop a Tax-Efficient Retirement Strategy for Your Clients

    Most wealth management clients don’t think ahead when it comes to the tax impact of their income strategies. They tend to think about taxes only on a year-to-year basis, and many lack the financial expertise to understand the complex implications of effective marginal tax rates, among other complicated issues related to income distribution.


    Why the Webinar is the New Financial Advisor Seminar: Try These 11 Marketing Tactics

    Building a client pipeline is one of the most important aspects of running a financial advisory firm. Even for established firms with a strong local reputation, financial seminars and webinars are a proven strategy for demonstrating your expertise to an audience of potential clients looking for an expert to manage their money.  Like any marketing strategy, the value of the webinars and financial seminars you conduct is determined by the tactics you use to promote these events to the right audience. Similarly, the webinar or seminar presentation itself should be viewed as a strategic opportunity to demonstrate your financial knowledge, showcase your services, and emphasize the value of working with your firm.


    Essential Definition: The Tax Torpedo and 4 Ways to Avoid It

    Retirement planning involves much more than just investing your clients’ money and targeting a retirement age. The amount of money your clients have at their disposal is affected by several different factors, including how and when they claim Social Security benefits and the taxes they’re forced to pay on disbursements from various retirement funds. Poor planning can cause your clients’ retirement to be disrupted by the dreaded “tax torpedo.” Here’s how smarter long-term planning can help them avoid this disaster scenario.


    8 Valuable Financial Advising Tools

    Financial services is an increasingly tech-driven industry, and it is taking place on multiple levels.  Advisors recognize the importance of engaging their client base through email, social media, online account management, and other digital channels. But their clients are also expecting advisors to leverage innovative wealth management tools that improve their ability to analyze risk, plan for various retirement scenarios, and optimize tax impact to minimize their burden over time.


    How to Develop a Roth Conversion Strategy for Your Clients

    Roth conversions are a great way for financial advisors to help their clients manage tax obligations in the short term while also reducing overall taxes paid during retirement. As a financial advisor, your job is to recognize when a Roth conversion can benefit your client’s wealth management strategy and to identify the specific conversion strategy that will help your client achieve their financial goals.

    3 Steps for Marketing Your Financial Planning Practice in 2020

    Helping advisors grow their business is why we’re in business. That’s why we provide practice management and marketing resources. Creating a marketing strategy is a key component for the success of your business. In this changing era of constant communication and instant notification, marketing is more important than ever before. But, where do you start?

    Practice Management

    15 Shareable Facts for Financial Advisors to Stress Patience to Clients

    When market volatility strikes, it is normal for investors to grow anxious about their holdings. But market swings and economic downturns are a normal part of investing. Trouble only starts to develop when investors make impulse decisions and overreact to these market swings. Although it can seem counterintuitive to some investors, the best response to a stock market plunge is to sit tight, avoid drastic decisions, and patiently wait for the market to rebound. By sticking to a set investing strategy, they can wait out this market volatility and protect their holdings until markets stabilize and the economy recovers. If you’re looking for some extra support to encourage clients to stick to their strategy, here are 15 charts and facts that will help keep their eyes on the long run.

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