You understand the challenges of crafting personalized and effective retirement income plans for your clients. Accurate financial data is vital for making informed decisions and providing tailored advice. That's why Covisum is thrilled to announce our latest integrated solution with Morningstar® ByAllAccounts®, a leading financial data aggregation service. This integration empowers you with the tools to take your retirement income planning to the next level, delivering outstanding outcomes for your clients.


The Challenges of Retirement Income Planning

Retirement income planning is a complex process that requires a comprehensive understanding of your client's financial situation. Gathering data from various sources, ensuring accuracy, and analyzing it can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Incomplete or inaccurate data can lead to suboptimal decisions and hinder your ability to provide personalized recommendations.

The Benefits of Morningstar® ByAllAccounts® Integration

  1. Comprehensive and Accurate View: Morningstar® ByAllAccounts® offers a unified view of your client's financial information, including holdings, transactions, and balances. This comprehensive snapshot enables you to make informed decisions and deliver tailored retirement income plans that align with your client's goals.
  2. Time-Saving Automation: Say goodbye to manual data entry and the hassle of aggregating data from multiple sources. Integrating with Morningstar® ByAllAccounts® allows you to automate the data aggregation process, saving time and effort. This efficiency will enable you to focus on what matters most – providing top-notch advice to your clients.
  3. Personalized Retirement Income Planning: Armed with enriched data from Morningstar® ByAllAccounts®, you can deliver personalized retirement income plans that consider your clients' unique financial situations and aspirations. Tailoring your recommendations to individual needs helps build stronger client relationships and enhances client satisfaction.

Real-Life Success

Let's look at how our integration with Morningstar® ByAllAccounts® has positively impacted our clients' retirement income planning process. Our financial advisors needed help efficiently gathering data from multiple custodians. With the integration, you can now utilize a unified view of your client's accounts and provide highly personalized advice, resulting in more confident and satisfied clients.


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Wow Your Clients with Covisum Retirement Income Planning

At Covisum, we are passionate about empowering financial advisors like you to excel in providing better retirement income plans. With our integrated solution leveraging Morningstar® ByAllAccounts®, you can supercharge your retirement income planning and provide more fulfilling retirement income plans. Embrace the future of financial planning and seize this opportunity to optimize your clients' retirement journeys.

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