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    Income Planning

    4 Questions Your Clients Will Ask You About Retirement Planning Strategies

    Your clients want a financial advisor who can fill in their own knowledge gaps and guide them toward smarter decisions about their wealth management strategies. As the business responsible for their financial well-being in retirement, advisors should be prepared with answers to the questions their clients raise over the management of these funds.


    [UPDATED] Social Security Timing and Tax Clarity Presentations

    Exciting Updates! We know that many of our subscribers have been eagerly awaiting updates to our "Social Security and Retirement Income" and "Taxes in Retirement" PowerPoint presentations. We have a good news—the wait is over! You can now access the updated presentations through the marketing kit homepage. 


    Top 10 Blog Posts of 2020

    The most popular posts of 2020 are... With a tumultuous 2020 now behind us, we decided to take a look at the blog posts that resonated with you the most throughout the year. Here’s a roundup of the posts that you found the most entertaining, helpful, informative, and inspiring throughout 2020. 


    How to Develop a Tax-Efficient Retirement Strategy for Your Clients

    Most wealth management clients don’t think ahead when it comes to the tax impact of their income strategies. They tend to think about taxes only on a year-to-year basis, and many lack the financial expertise to understand the complex implications of effective marginal tax rates, among other complicated issues related to income distribution.

    Joe Elsasser

    Leaving 2020 Behind and Hoping for a Brighter New Year

    A Note from the President There is no doubt that 2020 has been a whirlwind year for everyone, and we are more than ready to leave it behind and enter into an exciting new chapter in 2021. Covisum Founder and President, Joe Elsasser, CFP®,  highlights some of Covisum's best and biggest moments from the past year and what subscribers can look forward to in 2021.


    Why the Webinar is the New Financial Advisor Seminar: Try These 11 Marketing Tactics

    Building a client pipeline is one of the most important aspects of running a financial advisory firm. Even for established firms with a strong local reputation, financial seminars and webinars are a proven strategy for demonstrating your expertise to an audience of potential clients looking for an expert to manage their money.  Like any marketing strategy, the value of the webinars and financial seminars you conduct is determined by the tactics you use to promote these events to the right audience. Similarly, the webinar or seminar presentation itself should be viewed as a strategic opportunity to demonstrate your financial knowledge, showcase your services, and emphasize the value of working with your firm.

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