Beginning March 14th and running monthly through September, Founder and President of Covisum Joe Elsasser, CFP® will be presenting a 7-part webinar series, Retirement Delivered, showcasing the framework that top advisors are using to deliver dramatic value to clients, grow their practices and feel good about the impact they make in their client’s lives.

The framework is a simple three steps: start with Social Security, determine which accounts to use in which order for tax-efficiency, then allocate assets based on how they will be used throughout retirement. A recent paper Joe co-authored with Wade Pfau, available here, suggests the second step alone can be worth the equivalent of 43 basis points per year to your clients.

Though the framework is simple, explaining it clearly, demonstrating its value, and doing the planning and implementation work provides an incredible opportunity for you to showcase your value, earn your client’s trust and position you as a resource worthy of referrals.


The first of these webinars on March 14th and covers:

  • How to tie Social Security planning, tax-efficient retirement withdrawals and risk management into a cohesive picture that answers the big questions that deliver a confident transition into retirement.

  • Why this process has been central to the achievement of 3 consecutive years of NPS scores over 80 (compared to an industry average of 40) and annual client referral rates above 10%.

  • How the next 6 sessions that dive deeper into individual components of the process can have a dramatic impact on your practice in 2024.  


Future webinars include:

APRIL – A Deeper dive into Social Security and why its so critical to tax planning

MAY – Tax in Retirement, the foundation for account strategy

JUNE – Practical implementation of Covisum’s EMR Method for tax-efficient retirement income

JULY – Understanding Client risk preferences for retirement income and investments

AUGUST – Product selection in a tax-efficient, preference matched retirement income plan

SEPTEMBER – Marketing the process

One last teaser. Mark your calendar with a “Save the Date” for our user conference October 16th-18th. We’ll gather a group of successful advisors to dive deeper, share experiences and celebrate the various stages of the transition to a High Value Retirement Income Practice!