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Manually enter the data from a client’s Social Security statement or import data directly from ByAllAccounts®.

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See What's At Stake

This feature makes the difference between a good decision and a better decision obvious. Clients can clearly see the amount of Social Security you can help them access.

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View the Cash Flow in Retirement

View the cash flow for each strategy to determine if the client’s income needs are being met year-by-year.

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Compare Strategies

Helpful charts and graphs will help your clients clearly see the amount of Social Security you can help them access.

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Share Strategy Details

See the exact year and month your client should claim Social Security to receive optimal benefits. 

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Insert Specific Client Age Information - Social Security Timing

Break Even Chart

See which claiming strategy produces the best result based on all life expectancy combinations with the “break even chart.”
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Covisum Social Security Benefit Calculator

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Taxable Social Security Benefit Calculator

How could your clients' Social Security benefits be taxed? Our calculator helps.

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