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Identify Tax Opportunities

Our Tax Map allows you to run alternative scenarios in comparison to the base effective marginal rate. Tax Clarity also offers features to compare the tax impacts of self-employment, pass-through income, and the saver's credit.

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Tax Clarity Tax Map

Simple Data Entry

We have your data needs covered, whether you need to manually enter data points to create alternative strategies.

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Tax Retirement Strategy Data Entry

Use Specific Client Details

Enter in a number of client details to calculate withdrawal strategies specific to their needs. You can add income sources and dependents, exclude Medicare premiums, and choose whether to apply the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. 

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Client Details

Create Alternative Scenarios

With Tax Clarity, you can easily create and review alternative withdrawal strategies to ensure your clients are making the most tax-efficient decisions. 

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Tax Clarity Alternate Strategies

Communicate Easily to Clients

Tax Clarity generates an easy-to-understand PDF report of your recommended withdrawal strategies. You can share this PDF with your clients and outline all inputs, data, and assumptions with actionable results.

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Tax Clarity Retirement Reports

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Inside the SECURE Act: For Financial Advisors and Your Clients

Learn about the top trends and challenges of the SECURE Act legislation, as well as how today’s wealth management industry plans on accounting for these changes.

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