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    The Value of the Tax Map for Your Clients

    Covisum's software started out as services in my own financial planning practice. We use Tax Clarity® at least once per year with every client, mainly because skipping it just doesn’t make sense. Let me explain our thought process: We get at least one client referral each year to provide a Tax Map and advice on a tax-efficient retirement. The lifetime value of a client to our practice is over $15,000. It’s a no brainer to spend $960 on software to make that happen.


    7 Steps to Fantastic Financial Planning Seminars: On-Demand Webinar

    7 Steps to Fantastic Financial Planning Seminar Educational seminars can be a fantastic marketing tool, but it requires a certain level of training and skill to be successful with financial planning seminars. Learn powerful tricks and tips that will drive your results to new levels of success.

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    Clearing up the Annuity Bonus Confusion

    Bonus. Sounds great, right? It sounds like “extra.” Getting a bonus is a good thing… right?It’s easy to understand why bonus annuities can be appealing to consumers. For years, annuity carriers have offered bonus annuity contracts, offering an up-front dollar figure that’s added to the account value, usually upon issue of the contract. This annuity bonus amount is commonly based on a percentage of premium. For example, if an annuity is started with an initial $100,000 premium, and the bonus is 10 percent, then $10,000 will be added to contract value on day one for a total contract value of $110,000.

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