Software, Seminars, and Webinars to Help Financial Advisors Attract New Clients and Grow

Advisors, are you ready to reach new prospects? With so many options available to them, retirees are looking for a financial advisor who is knowledgeable and trustworthy. Offering complimentary retirement income planning seminars (virtually or in-person) to help educate your community helps you build credibility as a retirement income expert and establishes trust. We make hosting this event so much easier, saving our advisors time and money!

Let's Talk About Value

You could pay an extra $1,500 or more to get a consumer-facing seminar presentation. Tax Clarity® subscribers receive free access to "Taxes in Retirement," and Social Security Timing® subscribers get free access to "Social Security and Retirement Income" webinar and seminar materials. The 2022 presentation materials are now available, so your next event can be relevant and engaging. Log in to the software and click on the marketing tab to get started.

How Do I Download the Presentation Materials?

You can download 2022 versions of the "Social Security and Retirement Income" and "Taxes in Retirement" seminar and webinar presentation materials through your marketing kit page.

  1. Use your software user ID and password to log in.
  2. Click on the Marketing tab on the homepage and select either Social Security Timing or Tax Clarity.
  3.  Scroll down to Webinars and Seminars and click on either the Social Security and Retirement Income PowerPoint Presentation link or the Taxes in Retirement PowerPoint Presentation link to download. 

Don't have a software subscription? Register and buy now for instant access to marketing materials.

2022 Taxes in Retirement Presentation 

The "Taxes in Retirement" presentation is free for paying Tax Clarity subscribers. Download the 38-slide presentation and script, and you've already saved yourself hours and hours of prep. The 2022 presentation accounts for this year's tax rules, including:

  • Updated Tax bracket thresholds for ordinary income and capital gains
  • Standard deduction and an additional amount for being age 65 or blind
  • IRA deduction and contribution phase-outs
  • Roth contribution eligibility
  • Individual monthly Medicare premium increases
  • Social Security maximum taxable earnings

2022 Social Security and Retirement Income Presentation

The "Social Security and Retirement Income" presentation is free for paying Social Security Timing subscribers. Download the 57-slide presentation and script to help you showcase the value your retirement income planning services can provide for people before they make the critical decision on when to claim Social Security benefits. The 2022 presentation materials include new figures for:

  • Cost of living adjustments
  • Maximum taxable earnings
  • Quarter of coverage
    • Earnings test exempt amount under full retirement age
    • Year you reach full retirement age

Note: The 2022 Social Security Timing and Tax Clarity reference guides are now available for subscribers. Think of these reference guides as handy "cheat sheets" with essential facts and figures to help you navigate Social Security or taxes in retirement quickly and easily. You can find them on the marketing page after you log in, as well.

How Can These Presentations Help Me Market My Financial Planning Practice to Prospects?

Once you download the presentation, you can schedule your event. Make sure you allow enough time to familiarize yourself with the material, personalize the slides and promote your event. We offer other marketing materials to make promoting your event much more manageable. Just follow the steps we've outlined for you. Visit the marketing page from which your downloaded your presentation, and you'll find social media graphics, email templates, copy suggestions, and more!

  • Promote the event on your website. You want the event information easy to find and easy to share.
  • Communicate on social media pages, and if you have a little bit of room in your marketing budget, run ads too.
  • Create intelligent email marketing campaigns that tease the very things you'll be talking about in your presentation. 

Contact our expert customer support team via email or by calling 877-844-7213 if you need any assistance finding the marketing materials available to you. 

Helping Advisors Demonstrate Their Value

If you already subscribe to Covisum's retirement income planning software, you know that we can help you optimize your clients' retirement income strategies and communicate the value of your advice. It sounds simple enough, but it's worth a lot of money — for your business and especially for your clients. At Covisum, we understand that being a financial advisor is hard, so we work to make it easier. 

  1. Our advisor-led team has a deep understanding of creating software solutions that quickly and measurably demonstrate your value. 
  2. We provide professional marketing resources to help you attract new clients.  
  3. Subscribers get free access to live support, helping you continually show value to clients. 

If you don't subscribe and you're curious, you can try any subscription for free for 10 days; no credit card or commitment is necessary. Want the marketing materials now? Skip the trial and purchase a subscription — you'll get instant access to the complete marketing kit, including the 2022 materials we talked about above.

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