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The new digital approach to decision-making may be overwhelming to financial advisors who have long relied on traditional methods of attracting new customers. The good news is that you aren’t at the mercy of how customers conduct research and discover your business.

In fact, inbound marketing was created specifically to help your brand get discovered by clients. With this type of marketing, you create digital content that speaks to your clients’ needs and demonstrates your expertise in your specialty.

In this free guide, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of personas and how they guide your content development
  • The different types of content you can create and best practices for creating them
  • How critical your website presence is for generating leads
  • Tips on getting your content production off the ground
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"The details the Covisum tools provide give our clients – and me – peace of mind. We are able to give our clients the clearest picture possible about what lies ahead in their financial future."

"Covisum’s trilogy of tools (SmartRisk™, Tax Clarity® and Social Security Timing®) have helped my firm with what can sometimes seem like a daunting task: providing a clear financial picture to clients and what various decisions mean to their investment portfolio, tax situation, and overall retirement income projections. Simply put, these tools are important conversation starters that can support the dialog every advisor should be having with their clients."