Tax Clarity Flash Sale!

Posted on June 18, 2018

Following the changes brought on by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Tax Clarity® has been in very high demand. The recently updated software allows your clients to visualize the new tax landscape and make better decisions about which income streams to use at which points in retirement. Hundreds of the nation's top advisors have added Tax Clarity to their toolbox. Regular price is $79.99 per month or $800 per year, but for this week only, you can buy now at legacy pricing. 


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A closer look at the new Tax Clarity updates: pass-through deduction

Posted on June 07, 2018

At the beginning of April, Covisum rolled out four new features to the Tax Clarity® software. The new pass-through deduction feature is particularly important for advisors with certain clients who own small businesses. The update allows advisors to demonstrate the impact of the deduction for pass-through income and the phase-out of the deduction under the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.


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A closer look at the new Tax Clarity updates: saver’s credit

Posted on May 29, 2018

At the beginning of April, Covisum rolled out four new features to our Tax Clarity® software. The new saver’s credit feature allows an advisor to demonstrate the impact the saver's credit can have on a client’s retirement plan, which is particularly relevant for semi-retired clients who have choices on which accounts to draw from in order to supplement part-time work.


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Dream team: financial advisors & CPAs

Posted on May 28, 2018

Collaboration leads to better client thinking

Financial advisors can capitalize on this era of new tax laws by forming mutually beneficial relationships with CPAs. CPAs can add value to your practice, both by providing tax advice and by referring clients who need financial plans. Tax advice that a CPA gives is different than the advice you can give for a tax-efficient retirement plan. But when paired together, this advice empowers your client to make the best financial decisions. Use our free


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A closer look at the new Tax Clarity updates: self-employment tax

Posted on May 15, 2018

At the beginning of April, Covisum rolled out four new features to our Tax Clarity® software. The new self-employment tax calculates the impact of paying both the employee and the employer's share of Social Security and Medicare taxes for self-employed clients.


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4 new features in Tax Clarity help advisors make an impact for their clients 

Everyone in the financial services industry is talking about how the changes to the tax law will impact clients, and the most prepared advisors will be able to capitalize on this enormous opportunity.

With Tax Clarity®, you can provide tax alpha and quickly identify sub-optimal situations, showing clients how to make retirement decisions in the most tax-efficient way. 


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Tax Clarity adds Quick Reference Guide for free-trial and paid subscribers

Your one-stop reference for tax acronyms, brackets and more

Looking up tax brackets or what certain acronyms stand for can eat up a lot of time, interrupt your workflow and possibly even irritate clients during a meeting.

Tax Clarity’s Quick Reference Guide organizes some of the most commonly needed items for holistic retirement planning all on a single, easy-to-read page, keeping you focused on your clients and their retirement plans.


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Throw CPAs a life jacket

Americans are inundating CPAs with questions about how the recently passed tax law will impact them. But most CPAs make their living off businesses and business owners with complex and time-consuming concerns, not the middle-income retirees calling with questions.


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InvestmentNews: New tax law offers opportunities for advisers and retirees

After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed and Covisum updated Tax Clarity to reflect the changes, we've seen a huge influx of interest in the software. We've updated all of our advisor-facing marketing materials that come with a paid subscription, including our white paper, "The Elephant and the Snowball: How Advisors Can, and Should, Talk Taxes with Clients." Recently, Mary Beth Franklin with Investment News covered the content in the article, "New tax law offers opportunities for advisers and 


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On-Demand Webinar, "Tax Law 2018: What Advisors Need to Know"

Do you have clients who don’t understand the relationship between ordinary and capital incomes? If you do, they could be on their way to potentially significant tax inefficiency in their retirement strategy.

Recently, President of Covisum Joe Elsasser, CFP®, RHU®, REBC® and Dave Cechanowicz, JD, MSFS, AIF® AEP and Senior Financial Planner with REDW Stanley hosted a webinar discussing how to capitalize on opportunities from the change in the tax law. The webinar was written about in "


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