Tax Clarity allows an advisor to quickly diagnose client situations in which an additional dollar withdrawn or contributed from a retirement account or a capital gain harvested from a non-qualified account would have an impact far greater than their tax bracket would suggest. Strengthen your value to clients by showing ways to make even smarter decisions about when to realize income or gain with Tax Clarity.

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A subscription to Social Security Timing® gives you access to our industry-leading, patented software and our team of Social Security experts. Social Security Timing allows advisors to sort through the thousands of Social Security claiming options and identify the one that offers the highest lifetime value to clients. The difference between what most people do and what Social Security Timing would suggest they do is often over $100,000. 

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SmartRisk is the best solution for advisors to properly align their client’s risk tolerance with the actual risk in their portfolio. We believe a solid risk discussion is the central element of behavioral coaching, which multiple studies have quantified as delivering Advisor Alpha upwards of 1.5% annually. SmartRisk technology utilizes heavy-tailed risk models and a unique asset interaction report that ensures you have the best insights available. 

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