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Retirement Income Planning Taps the Right Resources at the Right Time

Your job is to create a retirement withdrawal strategy that meets the specific long-term goals of each client while also taking into consideration variable stressors like record-high inflation and looming tax rule changes.

Covisum’s suite of specialized retirement income planning software, including Income InSight® , Tax Clarity®, Social Security Timing®, and SmartRisk™ allows enterprises to add value and grow their business by offering clients comprehensive retirement income planning services that they can build on over time.

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Covisum’s Suite of Retirement Income Planning Software Provides Flexibility and Visibility

Covisum's software is designed specifically for retirement income planning, and financial advisors who use it to present comprehensive plans to your clients add value in multiple ways. For example, Income InSight uses impactful visuals (see chart) to show clients how your plan compares to their baseline financials. As the software optimizes the client’s retirement income strategy, the interface clearly shows how the value of the estate increases, and problem areas go from red to green as issues are resolved.


Covisum solutions also allow financial advisors to seamlessly transition client conversations from Social Security benefits to tax-efficient planning to Roth conversion opportunities to income withdrawal discussions, making plan changes and illustrating the impact of those changes along the way.

Income InSight side-by-side comparison charts: account balances, income tax paid, and income source.
Conduct Roth conversions. Select the amount you'd like to convert.

The Value of Covisum’s Suite of Retirement Income Planning Software

Financial advisors need new products to attract prospects and grow their offerings to retain existing clients. 

Covisum makes it easy to expand your financial planning business with a continuous supply of new and value-add services, such as Social Security optimization, Roth conversions, and tax mapping.

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To further demonstrate your value to clients, Covisum software features help financial advisors: 


Create more valuable retirement strategies with side-by-side comparisons

Stress-test an entire strategy against a down market, early death, Social Security benefits cut, and long-term health care event  

Show clients how Roth conversions can improve their retirement situation

Give clients a year-by-year cash flow analysis

Uncover hidden opportunities to create more valuable retirement income strategies 

Quickly and easily identify Roth conversion opportunities

Showcase alternate tax strategies with comparisons

Suggest strategies to avoid tricky tax situations

View the tax landscape for any given year

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Who Counts on Covisum’s Retirement Income Planning Software?

Whether you are an enterprise financial planning generalist looking to add service offerings or you want to become a retirement income planning specialist, Covisum’s suite of software solutions has you covered.

Financial Institutions Icon
Planning-oriented broker dealers and large RIAs
Use Covisum solutions to equip advisors with the right tools to grow their businesses. We offer home office access and surveillance for compliance purposes and can deliver consistent scalable processes across your organization.
Insurance IMO Icon
Insurance and IMOs
Covisum is product-agnostic with a focus on accurately representing the salient features of most major insurance products. As a result, our tools demonstrate the value of your products in the context of a client’s life.
Seminar Marketing Firms
Seminar marketing firms
Access to presentation content, social media graphics, client brochures and direct mailers. Use the software to fulfill on the promises made through marketing. Access to our highly-trained expert support team
FinTech Icon
Financial technology software companies
We provide specialized solutions. Our APIs can answer key client questions, saving you time in developing your software.
We work with some of the world’s most respected financial organizations, including numerous Fortune 500 companies, some of whom have been our customers for more than 10 years. In fact, thousands of financial advisors count on Covisum to drive retirement income planning in their organization. Given our reputation as a leader in retirement income planning, Covisum leadership is frequently quoted in ThinkAdvisor, Perspectives Magazine, Forbes, USA Today, InvestmentNews, and CNBC.

How is Covisum Different from Other Enterprise Retirement Income Planning Software?

Unlike other financial planning software providers, Covisum is laser-focused on retirement income planning — and only retirement income planning.

Because the Covisum software stack was created by an advisor, for advisors, we have a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the marketplace and how to capitalize on them.

We have used this insight to build a strong reputation for exceptional live customer support, subject matter expertise, and marketing resources designed to grow your business by showcasing your retirement income planning knowledge.

All of that is in addition to the features and capabilities that set Covisum solutions apart from the competition.

Income Insight - JUNE 25

The Best-Kept Secret in Retirement Income Planning Is Coming to an Enterprise Near You

We’re great at building relationships. Isn’t that the foundation of financial planning?

We want to help more businesses just like yours implement Covisum’s powerful retirement income planning technology to meet the very specific requirements of enterprise-level financial planning organizations.

Whether you are looking to add value to your existing services or become a retirement income planning specialist, Covisum’s suite of solutions will set up your organization for success.

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