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    Follow the Tax Map to Find Clients Nontaxable Income

    Imagine showing a prospect how to harvest $11,000 IRA income with no tax. Or a client how to harvest $67,500 of capital gain with no tax. Our “Practical Uses for Tax Clarity” video shows how simple it is with a customize Tax Map.

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    New white paper examines how advances in risk analytics are changing the client-advisor discussion

    Covisum’s new white paper explains the dangers of relying on traditional models of explaining and estimating portfolio risk, and how risk analytics have evolved, giving you amazing new opportunities to help clients more. You've seen it happen: losses accumulate in a portfolio, and the client ponders doing something unwise. Whether they're the most risk-averse client or extremely laissez-faire, they're vulnerable to emotional reactions. When they're paying you to help them make smart financial decisions, this leaves you in an unpleasant situation. How do you help people avoid behavioral mistakes that could cost them — and cost you your reputation?

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