If you have a client who questions the benefit amount in a strategy, walk him or her through a selected strategy’s monthly cashflow to help them understand the strategy better.

You can locate the cashflow feature while you have the main workspace open.

Generate Cashflow Report

Select the strategy option of the cashflow you’d like to view. Then select the “Monthly” option. Here you can review or explain how a client’s Social Security benefit could be paid on the specific election option.

Our support staff often receives calls asking about the spousal benefit amount. In this monthly cashflow, we can see that the spousal benefit is based on half of the husband’s Primary Insurance Amount (PIA). The spousal amount is not based on half of the retirement amount at his current age and does not include any delayed retirement credits (DRCs).

Monthly Cashflow Report

If you have questions on understanding the monthly cashflow, contact us at 877.844.7213.

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