Approximately 70-80% of consumers will research a company online before making a purchase or utilizing its services. 

Your business website makes a lasting impression on prospective clients who may be considering a financial advisor. Whether it is online searches, ad referrals, or recommendation-driven traffic, an organization’s website plays a crucial role in generating leads and bringing in potential new clients.

That’s why a seamless, mobile-friendly, and purpose-driven website is imperative as a financial advisor. More importantly, your website must be focused on lead generation and growing your business.

Not sure how to get started? Here are some ways that financial advisors can optimize their websites for lead generation.


How to Optimize Your Website for More Leads


1. Optimize your website design to work with an array of devices and operating systems.

Nearly 93% of global internet users engage in online activity using mobile devices at least some of the time. Optimizing your website for mobile is crucial to building a better user experience. A poorly designed user experience will likely frustrate and turn away potential clients, giving them the impression that your firm is operating behind the times. 

Mobile usage among retirees is also on the rise — as of 2019, smartphone adoption was 86% among Americans aged 50-59, 81% for those aged 60-69, and 62% for people aged 70 or older.  

An optimized website should have a simple, user-friendly, and uncomplicated design that works on iOS- and Android-based devices, desktop computers, and more. This will help you provide a solid user experience to any visitor, regardless of the device or operating system they’re using.


2. Streamline navigation to help prospective clients find what they’re looking for.

It’s important to create simple, clear menus to help search engines find your content and drive traffic to your site. Too much information can overwhelm visitors and make it challenging to locate vital information about the services you provide. A simple website with basic information listed in easy-to-find locations is often the best way to generate more leads. Make sure to pique visitors' interest and encourage them to take the next step. 

Featuring seven to eight different categories on your site’s navigation bar is ideal. Too many options may appear cluttered and confuse the visitor. The following pages should be listed on your site’s “navigation” menu:

    • Who We Are: A brief description of your organization and its purpose
    • Products and Services Offered: A clear listing and description of the services your financial practice offers
    • Contact Information: A clear, easy way for leads to contact you 
    • Tools and Training: Links to any free seminars, tools, or information resources your organization offers 

3. Display effective calls to action throughout your website.

Lead generation is the first step of any sales journey. Your website’s header, footer, blog posts, pages, content, and navigation menu should feature clear calls to action (CTAs) that encourage site visitors to contact you or request more information. 

Here are some essential features to include in your CTAs: 

  • CTAs should be in large, bright, and colorful fonts to draw attention to them.
  • CTAs must be brief, precise, and demonstrate the benefit of taking the next step. 
  • CTAs should be cohesive and well-designed — brightly-colored buttons and high contrasts make CTAs stand out on your website.

4. Incorporate an effective SEO strategy to maximize organic website reach.

Drive organic traffic to your website by optimizing your content using relevant search keywords. This will ensure that anyone searching for specific content through various search engines will be directed to your financial practice.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential. It can help your blog and static web pages rank higher in online searches, especially when your advisory firm incorporates localized SEO to increase exposure to a local client base. Conducting thorough keyword research can help your organization understand which types of services potential clients are looking for, attracting more leads


5. Use newsletters, premium content, and networking to collect contact info for leads.

There are many different ways to increase lead generation. Though many financial advisors will purchase lists of email addresses, this practice is generally frowned upon. Advisors are encouraged to grow their client base organically. 

Here are some ways to develop an organic client base: 

  • Increase lead generation using current connections, such as colleagues, former clients, and coworkers.
  • Attend in-person social events for networking.
  • Join financial advisor groups on social networking sites, such as Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Partner with local CPAs.
  • Publish informative and up-to-date content regularly.
  • Add opt-in forms to your website.
  • Offer financial guides and other gated premium content.
  • Use newsletter sign-ups to collect the email addresses of potential clients.


6. Make sure your website contains links to your social media accounts.

Social media followers can be an excellent source of new clients for your financial advisory practice. Stay connected to clients and visitors by helping them find your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn accounts. This can foster deeper relationships with clients, turning followers into qualified leads.


Ready to Take the Next Step? 

Generating leads isn’t a quick and easy task. It’s a continual process that takes effort, innovation, and the right strategy. 

Our marketing resources help you attract new clients. Our software helps you optimize your clients’ retirement strategies and communicate the value of your advice. And our expert customer experience team supports you along the way, helping you continuously show your value to clients. Contact us today.

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