Hidden Value: Exposing the Annuity Bonus Trap

Lauren Laferla, PR & Content Marketing Manager
July 30, 2019

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Hidden Value is a column in ThinkAdvisor where Joe Elsasser, CFP®, answers common questions with insights that advisors and their clients may not have considered. This week, Joe discusses the annuity bonus trap, the misleading nature of annuity bonuses, and how advisors can add value to their clients by exposing them for what they are—advances on future earnings. 

"People are looking for a financial advisor they can trust, who can add value and clarity to some of the more complex elements of their financial plans. One way to build trust is by exposing the trap that annuity bonuses can create."

In the article, Joe suggests that referring to the product as a "bonus" is misleading to consumers. The word implies extra money, but in reality, an annuity bonus is an advance on future earnings. Learn how you can explain the complexities of the annuity bonus trap, and help your clients make the best decision for their unique situation. 

You can add value to your clients' retirement investment strategies by clearing up other common misconceptions, for instance those surrounding when to claim Social Security. Social Security Timing®  can help you show clients how the timing of their claiming decision can cost or save them thousands of dollars. 

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Posted by Lauren Laferla, PR & Content Marketing Manager
Lauren is a content marketing enthusiast with a love for storytelling - on camera, in writing, and through others. She has a robust communications background that includes: public relations, content creation, internal communications, digital marketing, and copy editing. Driven and motivated, Lauren holds a bachelor's degree in English and is an avid reader.