Helping clients navigate Social Security changes to optimize their claiming strategy gets more complex each year. And accuracy is essential when calculating the best time for your clients to retire with the most significant amount of Social Security income.

Many advisors do these calculations from scratch, but this approach is time-consuming, inefficient, and error-prone. Covisum’s Social Security Timing® software can help advisors streamline Social Security complexities to create effective retirement income planning strategies 


5 Ways Social Security Timing Gives Advisors a Competitive Edge

Social Security Timing can help advisors fine-tune their clients’ Social Security claiming strategies to deliver the best results for their retirement income. Because financial advisors designed the software for advisors, Social Security Timing is uniquely positioned to give you a competitive edge while also building client trust and satisfaction.

Here are five exclusive benefits of using Social Security Timing to help clients make the best retirement income decisions: 


1. Visibility

Social Security is complicated, making it hard to help clients see the big picture when planning Social Security benefits. 

Social Security Timing’s clear, concise visualization features, including the “What’s at Stake?” feature and break-even chart,  give clients complete visibility into the amount of Social Security you can help them access, as well as which strategy produces the best result based on all life expectancy combinations.


2. Insight

Data isn’t necessarily what sets you apart from other advisors. It’s what you do with that data that counts.

Social Security Timing lets you generate data-based insights for your clients, covering multiple scenarios and options. For example, the alternate Social Security strategies feature automatically illustrates and compares different claiming strategies to determine the best fit given your client's overall retirement goals.

The software lets advisors get even more granular by pinpointing the exact year and month your client should claim Social Security to receive optimal benefits. 


3. Ease of Use

Although calculating optimal Social Security claiming strategies from scratch sounds tedious, using cumbersome, process-heavy software isn’t much better. 

Social Security Timing’s flexible, intuitive interface makes adding and analyzing your clients’ data easy. You can manually enter information into the system using a client’s Social Security statement or import data directly from Redtail. 

Then, with just a few clicks, you can quickly create an up-to-date Social Security report highlighting different claiming strategies, including those that will generate the most Social Security income.


4. Integration

Social Security is just one step in your clients’ retirement income planning journey. Covisum can help you help them go the distance. 

Social Security Timing integrates seamlessly with the full Covisum software suite, using our advisor portal. This allows you to offer clients unparalleled service by building a comprehensive retirement strategy that includes Social Security benefits, tax efficiency, portfolio comparison, and much more.


5. Support

At Covisum, we believe that your success is our success, so we build, develop and create strong relationships with our partners through long-term support and customer success initiatives. Subscribers get free, unlimited support from Covisum’s live team of experts who can help ensure you — and your clients — get the most out of your Social Security Timing subscription.


It’s Time to Get Ahead of the Competition

Between now and 2030, approximately 10,000 people will reach retirement age daily. This puts millions of people’s retirement income planning and Social Security top of mind. A Social Security Timing subscription can help you be an invaluable resource for thorough, accurate, data-driven retirement strategy insights. 

Start your free trial today to see how Social Security Timing can help you optimize your clients’ Social Security claiming strategy faster and more accurately than your competition.
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