TC-Red.jpgThe makers of the patented Social Security Timing® software have developed software for advisors to quickly and easily illustrate that what taxpayers think about how they’re taxed is quite different from reality.

Today’s federal tax system has evolved beyond the simple progressive, or “stair step,” system in taxpayers’ minds. The new Tax Clarity™ illustrates in an easy-to-understand Tax Map graphic that shows how each additional dollar of income is lost in reality. In some cases, this effective marginal rate can be 55.5%, meaning for each dollar of additional income, more than half will be lost in income taxes.

Tax Clarity helps you strengthen your value to existing clients by showing ways to make even smarter decisions about when to realize income or gain for a more tax-efficient income. And by showing prospects their customized Tax Map, you’ll open their eyes to your value, gaining them as clients.

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