Review this checklist before hosting your next financial planning seminar

When done correctly, educational financial planning seminars are a great way to attract new clients. Start the planning process by reviewing this checklist and make your next seminar a success.

  • Select a seminar topic.
    • Is the topic specific?
    • Is the topic important to the financial well-being of the attendees?
    • Does it challenge prior assumptions attendees may have?
  • Make education the objective of your seminar.
    • Have you removed any wording that could make your presentation sound like a sales pitch?
    • Are you positioned as a financial subject matter expert?
    • Are you partnering with a trusted community resource like a public library or a university?
  • Market your seminar.
    • Have you mentioned the seminar on your website?
    • Have you promoted your upcoming financial planning seminar in client communications, such as newsletters and emails?
    • Are you promoting the approaching seminar on your social media channels including: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter?

Remember, the key to a successful financial planning seminar is to avoid a sales agenda and instead focus your attention on educating attendees. Once you’ve completed this checklist, check out our guide for creating an effective seminar presentation.