Your one-stop reference for tax acronyms, brackets and more

Looking up tax brackets or what certain acronyms stand for can eat up a lot of time, interrupt your workflow and possibly even irritate clients during a meeting.

Tax Clarity’s Quick Reference Guide organizes some of the most commonly needed items for holistic retirement planning all on a single, easy-to-read page, keeping you focused on your clients and their retirement plans.

The Quick Reference Guide includes:

Plus, this one-sheet reference also includes the Tax Clarity support team’s phone number and email address, so help is never far away for Tax Clarity subscribers.

How to get the guide

9178_web_COVISUM_blog-quick-ref-guide.pngThis quick reference guide is available only to free trial subscribers and paid subscribers. Not a subscriber? Get a 10-day free trial here and get your guide. Subscribers can access the guide by logging into the software and clicking on settings. You can download the guide in the training section.

Just like the software, the Quick Reference Guide helps simplify complex information. Tax Clarity software shows how clients’ ordinary and capital incomes relate to each other. Failure to understand that relationship can lead to potentially significant tax inefficiencies in their retirement strategies. With Tax Clarity software, you can easily show clients how their decisions about which income streams to use at different times can lead to substantial taxable events — so they can make better decisions. The Quick Reference Guide helps you easily find information you may need as you add client data to software, which then does the complicated calculations for you. The resulting Tax Map shows clients in an easy-to-understand graphic how different income streams are taxed, depending on their different relations to each other. 

To get the guide and access to the software, start a free trial today.

Spend less time Googling the information you need for the most tax-efficient retirement plans — let Tax Clarity’s Quick Reference Guide help you work more efficiently. Take it a step further and get a paid subscription and gain access to proven marketing tools including a client-facing seminar, customizable brochure, and direct mailer example to help you attract prospects.

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