Covisum tools make it easy to provide Social Security advice, model future tax situations and give more realistic estimates of downside portfolio risk

Recently, Bob Veres spoke with Covisum Founder and President, Joe Elsasser, CFP
®. Here's the recap published in Technology Tools for Today.

Why does Covisum focus on providing tools for financial advisors who specialize in pre-retirement and retirement planning?

“I wanted to focus most of my attention on the places where the client has to make a decision, where there will be a default decision made for you if no decision is made,” said Joe. “That led me to Social Security and tax planning, and I quickly discovered that there were not a lot of good tools addressing those aspects of a client’s life.”

Here's what Bob Veres had to say about advisors who use Covisum software to highlight the best Social Security claiming strategy, a more tax-efficient plan, and better portfolio risk analysis for their clients:

"As asset management incrementally becomes commoditized, these tools help advisors add real value in the planning relationship. Covisum is a one-stop opportunity to fill what most of us never before realized are the gaping holes in traditional planning analytics." 

You can read the blog post in its entirety here