In an ongoing series exclusive to ThinkAdvisor, Joe Elsasser, CFP® and Ron Piccinini, PhD provide readers with two distinct perspectives on the same topic. Check out the most recent installment, "How to Plan for Retiree Health Care Costs." 

This week, we asked Joe and Ron how to plan for health care expenses in retirement. 

Joe's response included:

"The base costs and surcharges can add up quickly. Strategically managing what income sources are used at certain points in retirement (nonqualified, Roth accounts or life insurance) can help reduce or avoid the premium surcharges."

And Ron's response included:

"It will be interesting to see how this will unfold in the next decade. The current health care inflation rates do not seem to be sustainable without dramatic societal costs. Health care expenses have important financial, practical and moral implications for the entire U.S. population."


The the full response from both Joe and Ron in ThinkAdvisor

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