Demonstrate the Dollars You Add to Your Client's Retirement Strategy with Tax Clarity

The first meeting with a prospective client is a crucial one. You have a short window to build a connection and really show the value you can add to their retirement plan. Follow this step-by-step process to increase the number of prospective clients who want to work with you.

  1. Talk less and listen more. You need to make a connection with the client. Clients may be skeptical of how much value you can offer, or they may already have ideas about what's best for their financial plan. Get to know your client, and start building a relationship. Discover their goals, successes, and challenges. Let them ask questions and answer them honestly.

  2. Highlight the important parts of the seminar that initially attracted them to your services and how you can help them with tax-efficiency in retirement planning. Reiterate that even with the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, middle income retirees can face federal tax rates as high as 49.95% on each additional withdrawal from a retirement account.

  3. Visually demonstrate your value using financial advisor tool such as Covisum’s Tax Clarity®. Login, using the login credentials that you used to access the PowerPoint for your seminar, and enter the information from their 1040 into the software — it takes less than five minutes. The easy-to-understand Tax Map graphic will clearly show clients how ordinary and capital incomes interact and how your software and expertise can help them make better decisions about which income streams to use at which points in retirement.

  4. Run a customized report in Tax Clarity. The report will help you quickly and easily identify places where you can add money to their retirement. Simply click the PDF tab above the Tax Map and generate a customized PDF. The PDF includes:

    • Customized "prepared by" and "prepared for" headings on the front page

    • Assumptions

    • The easy-to-understand Tax Map that you showed the client earlier

    • Base case information

    • Tools for tax control

  1. Show your potential client their customized report during the meeting or set up another meeting to do so. The report offers very clear ways that you can add immense value to the potential client’s retirement plan.

The Tax Clarity software is really easy to navigate, but if you have any questions or simply want to double check that you’re using a feature correctly, contact us. Software subscribers can think of our support team as an expert extension to your team: 877.844.7213 or

To see the power of our financial advisor tool, watch this Tax Clarity demo.

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