kitcesIn a recent guest post for Michael Kitces' blog, Nerd's Eye View, Covisum's Director of Sales and Marketing, Katie Godbout, offered an in-depth look at crafting and using a client persona to generate leads. 

Finding prospective clients can be difficult for many financial advisors. The marketing process can seem overwhelming, and unfortunately the solution is often to cast a wide net to try to attract anyone. However, when you try to market to everyone, it becomes incredibly difficult to differentiate yourself. You can overcome these issues by focusing in a specific and narrow target market.katie_godbout_headshot-300x300

A client persona is a detailed description of your ideal client. 

"The key to marketing financial services is resonance. If the messages you’re putting out aren’t relevant and don’t resonate with the prospective clients you’re trying to reach, they won’t work. And if you try to create a message that resonates with everybody, it won’t work because nothing is going to resonate with everyone at the same time."

"This means the first step to effectively marketing your practice for growth is to narrow your focus and pick which specific prospective clients you want to target. Then you can create marketing that resonates with those particular people."

You can read her guest post here.

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