Sophisticated Risk Management  

Designed specifically for financial advisors, SmartRisk helps you set proper downside expectations with your clients.

Clients are often blind to market risk and typically don’t have accurate downside expectations – either too conservative or too reckless, leading to sub-optimal investment allocations. With SmartRisk, advisors can analyze portfolio risk and easily communicate with clients to help them avoid costly mistakes.


7614_WEB_Covisum_landing-page-ICON-actionable-reports Run your first report in less than 5 minutes
7614_WEB_Covisum_landing-page-ICON-aligned-interests Understanding the software and outputs takes less than an hour
7614_WEB_Covisum_landing-page-ICON-support Free access to expert support with your trial and paid subscription

Try SmartRisk for free for 10 days with no obligation. No credit card required.

Your 10-day free trial is designed to get you up and running with SmartRisk.

  • Best-in-class algorithms and massive computing power
  • Easy to explain reports
  • On-screen portfolio comparison
  • .CSV imports and imports from other industry systems
  • Get an entire support team to help you answer subject matter and software questions.

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Your free trial includes the same access to our expert support team as our paying subscribers get. Start setting proper downside expectations now!

Your AAA experience will include:

  • Awesome support! Our team of experts will walk you through your case and answer your questions.
  • Actionable client reports–Over 100,000 client reports are generated annually.
  • Aligned interests–the Covisum team is compensated based on your success. When you win, we win.

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Move prospects to the planning process and motivate clients to make portfolio changes with SmartRisk. Retain clients during a down market and help prevent clients from making costly behavioral mistakes. Showcase and market your expertise to clients.

Core features:

  • Portfolio comparison
  • Single name concentration alerts
  • Household views of accounts
  • Explain risk to clients in terms they can understand — dollars
  • Set proper downside expectations
  • Marketing tools, including a client-facing seminar, brochure, and direct mailer example
  • Access to awesome support, industry expertise and training
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Create peace of mind for your clients when you identify their risk tolerance and align it to their actual portfolio risk.

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