Nationwide survey suggests many Americans have a poor understanding of Social Security

Posted on May 09, 2018

Results from a recent Harris Poll from the Nationwide Retirement Institute® suggest many Americans nearing retirement age lack sufficient understanding of their Social Security benefits.

InvestmentNews summarized the survey results.

Some of the key findings:


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Setting proper downside risk expectations during market volatility 

This just in from FinancialPlanning:

The Dow finished the day down by 1,032.95 points, or 4.15% at 23,849.23 — down 2,767 points, or 10.4%. A drop of 10% from its high of 26,616 on Jan. 26 is considered a correction. The S&P 500 tumbled 2.96%, erasing its gains for the year. Ten-year Treasury yields flirted with four-year highs. 

And on Wednesday, Suleman Din wrote an article for FinancialPlanning titled, "Can another digital demand crush be avoided?" Some of the industry's most well-known


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