The Most Popular Blog Posts in 2022

Over the past year, you've spent a lot of time reading about financial planning best practices, financial technology, and attracting new prospects. We're thrilled that you love our content! Enjoy this recap of the 10 blog posts our readers found most impactful over the past year.

1. 6 Financial Planning Seminars and How to Deliver Them

Financial seminars are a great way to attract new clients to your firm. Seminars help you position yourself as a helpful resource in your community and a retirement expert, overseeing all aspects of retirement income planning. It's essential to communicate with your ideal audience on topics that resonate. Check out this list of topics and start planning your next event. Read more.

2. Taxable Social Security Calculator

While Social Security benefits on their own aren't subject to federal income tax, they can become taxable when combined with other retirement income. Over time the number of beneficiaries who must pay income tax on their Social Security benefits has risen, and you likely have clients who are impacted. This calculator can show them how much of their benefit will be taxed. Read more. 

3. What is the Social Security Widow Benefit?

Clients with a deceased spouse may be entitled to their spouse's Social Security benefit. The surviving spouse receives the higher benefit (theirs or their deceased spouse's benefit). The benefit may be reduced or increased depending on if and when the deceased filed for Social Security. Learn how to help your widowed clients access their benefits. Read more. 

4. Help Clients Calculate Provisional Income and See How Social Security May Be Taxed

Provisional income consists of half of the Social Security benefits an individual or couple receives plus all other taxable income, including dividends, realized interest, and realized capital gains. Non-taxable interest earnings, like those from municipal bonds, are also included. You can help clients calculate their provisional income and determine how much their Social Security benefits will be taxed. Read more.

5. Social Security Retirement Planning Concepts Every Advisor Should Know

Since millions of Americans are entitled to retirement benefits, Social Security planning should be a key element in your retirement income planning practice. Your clients rely on you to help them determine the optimal time to claim based on their unique situation. Learn which Social Security concepts you must know to demonstrate the value of your value. Read more. 

6. To Convert or Not To Convert: Roth Conversion Software to Keep on Your Radar

Roth conversions are one of the best tax strategies in a financial advisor's arsenal, but it can take a lot of time to determine when and how much to convert to a Roth. Software like Tax Clarity® and Income InSight® can make this process quicker and easier. Read more. 

7. Essential Definition: The Tax Torpedo and 4 Ways to Avoid It

When the marginal tax rate a client pays on their income exceeds their statutory tax rate, they are experiencing what is sometimes referred to as a tax torpedo. This can significantly and negatively impact their net income over time because of the higher tax rate they’re forced to pay on their disbursements. Read more.

8. Roth Conversions Without Non-Qualified Money to Pay the Taxes

Converting dollars from a traditional IRA to a Roth is a great way to minimize taxes later in retirement. Still,  clients sometimes don't have any non-qualified or non-IRA money to pay the immediate taxes on the conversion. Advisors can still use Roth conversions to add value for these clients. Read more. 

9. Roth Conversion Cheat Sheet For Financial Advisors [Free Handbook]

There are significant long-term tax benefits to converting part of a client's traditional IRA into a Roth IRA. For instance, Roth conversions spread out taxes more evenly throughout retirement. Here is everything you need to know to help clients take advantage of this strategy. Read more. 

10. How Tax Clarity and Income InSight Build Better Retirement Income Strategies for Your Clients

Good financial planning software provides numerous benefits for financial advisors and their clients. Tax laws, regulations, and stipulations evolve, and effective technology adapts. Tax Clarity and Income InSight can help you provide valuable financial advice to your clients. Read more.

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