Planning advice that stands up to rapid change

As I read recent research on the economy and investments, two images came to mind: a canoe, and a car pulling a trailer.

The first piece of research focused on the outlook for long-term interest rates. It had me wondering whether current and future retirees will remain in a low-interest environment, like being stuck in a canoe without a motor. The current investment environment reminds me of an overnight canoe trip that I took as a teenager. The first day was full of excitement and motion,


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How one advisor more than tripled client responses

After changing his Social Security presentation and seminar, David Conner, a Social Security Timing® subscriber since June 2012, saw his client responses more than triple, jumping from an average of 15 to 58. We asked him to share his success story.


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Social Security Timing in the news: MarketWatch - 4/12/16

When readers flooded MarketWatch with questions about the Social Security claiming strategies’ deadlines, the publication relied on Social Security Timing’s David Cechanowicz for an expert answer. Read more.


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